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05 November 2014

I'll Be There

Album: My World, Warner Bros 26735 (CD), WE 833 (vinyl), March 1993.
Promo Single (A - remix; B - album version): Warner Bros PRO-CD-5978, 1993.

Recorded at Rat Cherokee, House of Soul, Capitol, Summa, Studio Ultimo, Clinton Recording Studio B, and Peter Rafelson Studio. For the names of the session musicians, follow the link to the album description, above.

The enigmatic, strange looking promo CD single (pictured at the right), dated in 1990 (sic!), was put up on Ebay. The ad mentions a (or the?) remixed version of the song.

The soundclip below possibly presents this same 'release' (although it's almost impossible to imagine that Ray consciously approved this):

From My World:

Who knows more?

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