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03 November 2014

It Ain't Easy Being Green (aka It Isn't Easy Being Green, Bein' Green)

Album: Renaissance, Crossover 9005, June 1975.

Recorded in late 1974 and early 1975 at RPM International in Los Angeles.

With The Ray Charles Orchestra, The Raelettes, on a few tracks also with some alumni of the band and other session musicians. An audiotape of a working session where Sid Feller and Ray Charles discussed and worked on the arrangement of the song has survived.

The band members were: Jeff Conrad, Bob Coassin, Phil Guilbeau, Jack Evans - trumpets; Wally Huff, Ken Tussing, Glen Childress, Steve Davis - trombones; Andy Ennis, Clifford Solomon, Ed Pratt, James Clay - saxophones; Leroy Cooper - baritone saxophone, band leader; Joe Harris - bass; Tony Matthews - guitar; Ernest Vantrease - keyboards. James Gadson - drums. The precise line-up of The Raelettes is uncertain.

This is where Ray may have picked up the tune.

Complete album (this is track #7):

Cher 1975:

McCallum 1991:

'75 TV Cher
'79 TV Kenny
'86 LC London
'88 LC Leeuwin
'89 TV Sesame - Released
'91 LC McCallum - Released
'92 LC Japan
'96 LC Atlantic City
'02 LC NewJersey

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