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01 November 2014

Leave My Man Alone (The Raelettes, Ft Vernita Moss, Ray Charles On Keyboards)

Single (B): Tangerine 1017, June 1971, b/w Here I Go Again.
Album3: (Ray Charles Presents The) Raeletts, Yesterday... Today... Tomorrow, Tangerine 1515, 1972.

Leave My Woman Alone, from a female perspective, featuring the "evilest" contra-alto of Vernita Moss.

The Raelettes' probable line-up: Vernita Moss, Susaye Green, Mable John, Dorothy Berry and ?Estella Yarbrough?. Recorded at RPM International in Los Angeles.

See and hear another sample of the "devilish" Vernita here (Copenhagen 1972; starts at 98'35, or begin at 87'35 if you want all the fun).

'71 LC San Carlos
'71 LC Torino - Bootlegged
'71 LC Paris
'72 LC Copenhagen - Stream available

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