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26 February 2010

The Dick Cavett Show - Ray Charles Collection (1972)

  1. America The Beautiful (v. 1)
  2. Blues For Big Scotia
  3. Am I Blue (duet with Dick Cavett, v. 1)
  4. Feel So Bad (v. 1)
  5. Georgia On My Mind 
  6. Eleanor Rigby
  7. I Can't Stop Loving You 
  8. Lift Every Voice And Sing 
  9. America The Beautiful (v. 2)
  10. Shake
  11. Am I Blue (duet with Dick Cavett, v. 2)
  12. Feel So Bad (v. 2)
  13. Born To Lose
  14. Am I Blue (duet with Dick Cavett, v. 3)
The DVD  The Dick Cavett Show - Ray Charles Collection aggregates footage from three Dick Cavett Shows, all recorded on 2 days in '72, and aired in '72 and '73: a. on 26 June 1972, b. on 26 January 1973, and c. on 9 July 1973.
The tunes #1 - 3 were part of the show that aired on 26 June 1972; #4 - 11 were taped in September 1972 and aired in the show of 26 Januari 1973; #12 - 14 were taped in September 1972 and aired in the show of 9 July 1973.
On January 7, 1973 ABC used an ad to announce a "new idea in late night television", under the umbrella title ABC Wide World of Entertainment. Part of that concept was a series of 90-minute "solo" guest appearances, with extensive interviews, to be aired in the week, starting on Monday, January 22. One of these was the second show with Ray Charles.
It's a riddle why some tunes (#1/9, #4/12) and the 'duets' on Am I Blue (# 3/11/14) were performed twice or even three times. They were not repeated, but were presented in new renditions, without any explanation of or comments on the repetition, neither by Cavett or by Charles. Were they really all broadcast in this form? Were the shows (a, and b/c) parts of different series? Were they syndicated to different stations? David Ritz' liner notes and content descriptions aren't entirely clear either:

Cavett was a splendid host, his repeated attempts to master Am I Blue were hilarious (and according to one story, made Sarah Vaughan laugh for four days after she saw it), and the aggregated results including the interview parts is marvelous.

The musical backing was provided adequately by 'Bob Rosengarden and the Orchestra', Cavett's house band.
One of the photos on Ebay.
A caption to a couple of set photos put up for sale on Ebay specified: "this is from a collection of 105 photos [...] taken from the ABC studio band pit by one of the Cavett house band's sax players but he does not identify himself. [...] Members of the band he names in the photos are Charley Small, Chauncey Welsh, Ray Crisara trombones, Tommy Kay guitar, Milt Hinton bass, George Duvivier bass, Bob Rosengarden drums, Boomie Richman, Phil Bodner tenor sax, and a couple other sax guys are only identified as Sid and Harvey. I think the guy who took these pics was an alto sax player."

 The Raelettes were: Vernita Moss, Susaye Green, Mable John, Dorothy Berry, and Estella Yarbrough.

DVD: Shout Factory Theatr, 13 September 2005, B0009XRZIS. This page describes the contents of the DVD.

America The Beautiful (v. 1):

Blues For Big Scotia:

Am I Blue (duet with Dick Cavett, v. 1): 
Feel So Bad:
Georgia On My Mind:
Eleanor Rigby:
I Can’t Stop Loving You:
Lift Every Voice And Sing:
America The Beautiful:

Most of the interview sequences were compiled in the clips below.

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Interview About Airplanes And Children:
Interview About Drugs:
Interview About His Musical Preferences:

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