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08 February 2010

Love Country Style (1970)

  1. If You Were Mine
  2. Ring Of Fire
  3. Your Love Is So Doggone Good
  4. Don't Change On Me
  5. Till I Can't Take It Anymore
  6. You've Still Got A Place In My Heart
  7. I Keep It Hid
  8. Sweet Memories
  9. Good Morning Dear
  10. Show Me The Sunshine
With the new 8-track console at his command, Ray started recording the backing tracks first, then adding his vocals and piano days or weeks later, adding overdubs and mixing whenever he desired, pushing tracks through various stages. Don't Change On Me and If You Were Mine were small hits.

#2, #3, #4, #5, #7, #9, and #10 were arranged by Sid Feller and recorded in May 1970.

The musicians remained uncredited. But in #5 David T. Walker and Steve Guillory contributed on guitar; Carol Kaye played bass on #4, and possibly also on one or more other tunes of the May 1970 session(s).

ABC/Tangerine 707, June 1970.

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