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21 February 2010

From The Pages Of My Mind (1986)

  1. The Pages Of My Mind
  2. Slip Away 
  3. Anybody With The Blues
  4. Class Reunion
  5. Caught A Touch Of Your Love
  6. A Little Bit Of Your Heaven
  7. Dixie Moon
  8. Over And Over (Again)
  9. Beaucoup Love
  10. Love Is Worth The Pain  
One more straightforward country album, with lots of strings. The musicians are mostly the same Nashville crew that contributed to Friendship.

Musicians: Bobby Odgin, Timmy Tappan - piano; William Puett - horns; Hargus Pig Robbins, Bobby Wood - keyboards; Pete Bordonali, Pete Drake, Jerry Kennedy, Weldon Myrick, Dale Sellers - guitar; Billy Sanford, Henry Strzelecki, Bob Wray II - bass; Terry McMillan - harmonica, percussion; Kenny Malone - drums; The A Strings - strings; Bill McElhiney - arranger and conductor. Vocals: Louis Nunley, Judy Rodman, Diane Tidwell, Hurshel Wiginton.

Columbia 40388, 1986-09.

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