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21 February 2010

Do I Ever Cross Your Mind (1984)

  1. I Had It All
  2. Do I Ever Cross Your Mind
  3. Woman Sensuous Woman
  4. Then I'll Be Over You
  5. (All I Wanna Do Is) Lay Around And Love On You
  6. Love Of My Life
  7. They Call It Love
  8. If I Were You
  9. Workin' Man's Woman
  10. I Was On Georgia Time 
On his second album for Columbia, Ray further fine-tuned his pure country approach. "When I first sang country music in the ‘60s," Ray said, "I had lots of strings and a chorus of singers. This time I wanted to do more down home pure country, with the real Nashville cats in the studio. I wanted to hear those crying steel guitars."

Columbia 38990, 1984-07.

Personnel: Buddy Emmons - steel guitar; Fred Newell, Bucky Barrett, Phil Baugh, James Capps - guitar; Terry McMillan - Harmonica; Hoot Hester, Buddy Spicher - Fiddle; Matt Morris - Bass; James Gadson - drums. Arranged by James Polk.

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