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07 February 2010

My Kind Of Jazz (1970)

  1. Golden Boy
  2. Booty Butt (solo by Andy Ennis - ts)
  3. This Here
  4. I Remember Clifford (solo by Bobby Bryant - tp)
  5. Sidewinder
  6. Bluesette
  7. Pas-Se-O-Ne Blues
  8. Zig Zag
  9. Angel City
  10. Senor Blues
Ray Charles playing with his own orchestra, in his own studio, on his new 8-track console built by recording engineer David Braithwaite. Booty Butt (with Andy Ennis on tenor saxophone) made it to #31 in the pop charts.

Tangerine 1512. 1970-04.

Bobby Bryant, Bill King, Marshall Hunt, Blue Mitchell, trumpets; Glen Childress, Henry Coker, Joe Randazzo, (+ Edward Comegys? or Fred Murrell? or David Phelps?) - trombones; J. Lloyd Miller - alto saxophone, oboe; Curtis Peagler - alto saxophone; Andy Ennis, Albert McQueen, Clifford Scott - tenor saxophone; Leroy Cooper - baritone saxophone; Ben Martin - guitar; Edgar Willis - bass; Ernest Elly - drums, Teddy Edwards - arranger (#9). Recorded at RPM Studios, from January 1 to 10, 1970.
*Based on notes by Joël Dufour.

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