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07 February 2010

Doing His Thing (1969)

  1. The Same Thing That Can Make You Laugh (Can Make You Cry)
  2. Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers
  3. You Ought To Change Your Ways
  4. Baby Please
  5. Come And Get It
  6. We Can Make it
  7. I'm Ready
  8. That Thing Called Love
  9. If It Wasn't For Bad Luck (with Jimmy Lewis)
  10. I Told You So
All tracks on Doing His Thing were written by Jimmy Lewis, who also took care of a contemporary 'soul' sound for the album. Lewis had been cranking out a living hustling songs and singing with The Drifters. Ray heard him singing demos, liked his raw style, and shocked Lewis by offering to do an entire album of his songs. Jimmy became one of Ray's staff writers. It was by far Ray's funkiest album - most of it it feels a bit alien, but a few tracks (#6 standing out!) are 100% vintage Brother Ray.

Recorded at RPM International in Los Angeles.
With The Ray Charles Orchestra (all musicians remained uncredited, but with Doug "Doctor Music" Riley, who contributed as arranger and "second keyboardist".

ABC/Tangerine 695 (1969-05).

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