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28 February 2010

Ray Charles' Death & Memorial Service

The program of the memorial service was published here. I found some announcements of a live stream of the memorial service, on the website of KKJZ, but I don't know if it was audio or video. A 2-hour DVD with the integral memorial service, as it was broadcast live by ABC, is sometimes offered on Ebay.

Legendary Singer Dies (NBC Look back, 2004): here.
A Look Back At The Life Of Ray Charles (MSNBC 2004 Bio): here.

Charles Crossed Generations (MSNBC 2004 Bio):

Legendary career (MSNBC, 2004):

Death Of Ray Charles (CBS news):

Death Of Ray Charles (Entertainment Tonight):

Death Of Ray Charles (news):

Ray Charles Memorial Service:

Ray Charles Memorial Service:

Ray Charles Memorial Service:

David Fathead Newman:
Joe Adams before court (2005):

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