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14 February 2010

Jazz Number II (1973)

  1. Our Suite
  2. A Pair Of Threes
  3. Morning Of Carnival
  4. Going Home
  5. Kids Are Pretty People
  6. Togetherness
  7. Brazilian Skies 
Ray Charles and his Orchestra with a great selection of jazz instrumentals. Roger Neumann (#1, 3), Alf Clausen (#2, 5), Teddy Edwards (#4, 7), Jimmy Heath (#6) arranged the tunes; Ray Charles produced.

Recorded at RPM International, in December 1971.

After sessions, Ray worked further on the results. If he didn't like solos, he asked musicians back to dub them over in subsequent sessions. This e.g. happened for sure with track #1, Our Suite, featuring David Newman.

Tangerine 1512, 1973-01.

The personnel remained uncredited, but the line-up was (almost) reconstructed as follows:*

Frank Szabo (lead), Tomas Cortez, Jack Walrath, Marcus Belgrave - trumpets; Mayo Tiano (lead), Jules Rowell, Glenn Childress, Dana Hughes (bass) - trombones; J. Lloyd Miller (alto, lead), James Clay (alto), David Newman (tenor), Don ??? or Andy Ennis (tenor), Leroy Cooper (baritone) - saxophones; Charles (Bags) Costello - organ, piano; Ralph Byrd - guitar;  Edgar Willis - electric bass; Ernie Elly - drums.

* Mayo Tiana was so kind to provide me with these drastic corrections on earlier notes. Jack Walrath suggested that the second tenor player may have been Andy Ennis.

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