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01 April 2010

Ray Charles In I Love Quincy (1984)

I Love Quincy (1984, directed by Eric Lippmann) is a wonderful documentary about Quincy Jones, his work in popular music, jazz and film, with interviews and in-studio action from Ray Charles, Henry Mancini, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Les Double Six, Henri Salvador, Dionne Warwick, Herbie Hancock, Donna Summer and Diana Ross.
Quincy surprised the documentary makers by giving them a tape that he just found back, advising them to let Ray listen to it, and to film that. On the tape we hear Ray, sitting in a hotel room, briefing Quincy on arranging a few songs for his album The Genius Of Ray Charles, from 1959 (a.o. It Had To Be You). More of this tape was released on Pure Genius.
Quincy also tells how the two of them first met in Seattle. Ray finally does an unplugged My Buddy, that Quincy wants to use for the documentary's sound score.

Also see this for a story on and footage of Quincy Jones - A Celebration In Seattle (1983), that was also part of this documentary.

A sequence where Herbie Hancock teaches Quincy some tits & tats about digital composing and recording:

Sequences from Stevie's song for Ray, filmed from other angles, ended up as a pre-taped video in the show Ray Charles - A Man And His Soul (1983).

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