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06 April 2010

TV Promo For Utrecht Concert With Charles, Bassey & Minnelli (1993)

On 6 November 1993 Liza Minnelli, Shirley Bassey and Ray Charles shared the bill of a concert at the Jaarbeurs Hallen in Utrecht. They were accompanied by the... State Symphonic Orchestra from Bratislava. After this concert, the show was also brought on stage four times in Germany.
The event was marketed as a big society gala. Dutch TV paid serious attention. The video below is a compilation of a BBC reportage on Bassey, a promotional announcement of the concert by the Dutch SBS program ShowTime (broadcast the week before), and a reportage of the concert by the same program (broadcast the week after):

On 7 November 1993 the event in the Utrecht Jaarbeurs made it to the Dutch public broadcasting system's prime time news cast, the NOS Journaal. Source materials: Beeld- & Geluid-Archief, document ID 212280.

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