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05 April 2010

Ray Charles: What'd I Say (2004)

Ray Charles: What'd I Say (2004) was a documentary profile, produced by a Jeff Simpson, using an interview of Ray from 2000 [by Jools Holland?] - plus witness statements from various fans, friends and colleagues, including Jessie Jackson, Mabel John, Jamie Cullum, Elton John, Jools Holland, Willie Nelson. Also, with film fragments from Ballad In Blue and The Blues Brothers - and tv clips (all insensitively formatted to 16:9).

This source tells a bit more about the content of this 48-minute program, i.e. that Jools Holland was in it, that it used archive materials with "Raegan 1985" [should probably be: 1984] and "Final TV appear. 12.6.03" [with Van Morrison at the 34th Annual Songwriters Hall of Fame Awards], shots from Ray's funeral on 18 June 2004, and statements by David Ritz, Charlie Gillett, Paul McCartney, Bobby Womack, Paul Jones, Manfred Man, Spencer Davids, Dave Simmons, John Landis, Beverley Knight and Joe Adams. The choice of interviewees strongly suggests that the program was made in the UK (maybe by Jools Holland?).

Who knows more?

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