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05 April 2010

Ray Charles & Raelettes Ft. In Moonlighting (1987)

Moonlighting was a popular tv series, created in 1985 by writer Glenn Gordon Caron, centering on Maddie Hayes (Cybill Shepherd), a former model who loses most of her financial assets due to her accountant's embezzlement but unexpectedly finds that she owns a detective agency. She teams up with cocky, chauvinistic investigator David Addison (Bruce Willis) to run the agency and becomes embroiled in various unusual cases.
Quite a few episodes had sound scores with contemporary R&B music. The linking pin between the producers of the series (a/o Bruce personally, who was an avid fan of Brother Ray) may have been musical director Alf Clausen, who as an arranger also collaborated on a few of Ray's albums.

In Episode 40, season 4, titled A Trip to the Moon (directed by Allan Arkush, first aired on 9 or 29 September 1987), Ray Charles was abundantly represented with adjusted versions of Hit The Road Jack, Georgia On My Mind and What'd I Say, all done with The Raelettes, also acting it out nicely.

Ray, Raelettes, and
David (Bruce Willis) - video still.
"After a month of sleeping with David, Maddie wonders where the relationship is heading. She fears that they do not actually have a relationship as all they do is sleep together. David attempts to woo her with a proper date but they end up arguing. She says they need to get out of each other's lives, and the episode ends with her catching an aeroplane. This episode features three fantasy sequences, one in which Maddie receives relationship advice from Dr. Joyce Brothers, one in which David receives similar counseling from Ray Charles, and one in which the regulars take the roles of the leads in The Honeymooners."
Here's (~17:15) is Alf Clausen, looking back at the event:
Moonlighting 17:15

In the very last scene of the series; David and Maddie almost got married. The song (sound score) to illustrate that was We'll Be Together Again by Ray Charles and Betty Carter:

DVD: Lions Gate, September 12, 2006, ASIN: B000GEIRVY.

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