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05 April 2010

Ray Charles Testimonials In Little Jimmy Scott - Why I Was Born (1998)

The Life and Times of Little Jimmy Scott - Why Was I Born? is a documentary directed by Melodie McDaniel, from 1998.
Jimmy Scott, as his website had it, "plays himself along with Ray Charles, Lionel Hampton, Charlie Parker, Ruth Brown, Joe Pesci, Lou Reed, Franke Valli, Joel Dorn, David Lynch, Alec Baldwin, Seymour Stein, family and friends." The film includes in concert footage from New York in 1971 and 1994.

"Jimmy Scott had soul way back when people weren't using the word," Ray said. He signed Jimmy for his Tangerine label in 1963, and produced Falling in Love is Wonderful, still considered by many as one of the finest vocal jazz albums ever released. The record was yanked from the shelves in a matter of days while Jimmy was honeymooning due to a contract he had signed earlier with another record company. Only 40 years later this cult album became available to the big public again. Another legendary masterpiece, the album The Source (1969), where he sings intense as ever, was not permitted to be released until 2001. Also read this.

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